NEW PRO Dark Spot Tattoo Removal LASER

NEW PRO Dark Spot Tattoo Removal LASER

NEW PRO Dark Spot Tattoo Removal LASER

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How would you like to safely remove age spots and unwanted tattoos in the comfort of your own home?  

Dark spots are just blemishes.  And any blemish can be banished with LASER treatment.

 Get Real LASER Treatment at Home for a Fraction of the Cost!

This simple DIY remedy uses a powerful BLUE wavelength LASER beam to  blast melanin deposits and promote skin metabolism for results you want. 

How Does it Work?

DIY Blue Light LASER Pen uses ultra-short laser pulses to bombard the targeted pigment at very high pressure.  Targeted pigment gets shattered into tiny particles which fade in appearance over time.

Unlike older LASER technology which relied on intense heat energy to remove pigment, DIY Blue Light LASER Pen doesn't use any heat.  It is safe to use on many areas of the body including chest, face, hands, legs, and more without skin redness and downtime.

Whether it's tattoos, dark spots, age spots, spider veins, scars, sun damage, freckles, acne, or pigmented lesions, DIY Blue Light LASER Pen offers gentle treatment with proven results.

DIY Blue Light LASER Benefits:

MORE EFFICIENT - Ultra-short (picosecond) pulse LASER beam provides intense focused energy to targeted area to more effectively resolve melanin into fine particles.  Achieve faster results with less downtime.

MORE EFFECTIVE - Upgraded for 2020, our DIY Blue Light wavelength LASER pen more effectively penetrates skin to remove moles, lentigo, skin tags, black acne scars, body and eyebrow tattoos, and other stubborn skin pigmentation. 

EASY & SAFE - Unlike other competitor's products and older generation LASER pens, THE DIY Blue Light LASER Pen leaves no scars as it generates NO HEAT to burn skin.  

Package Includes:

  • 1x Blue Light Laser Pen
  • 1x Charge Cable
  • 1x Safety Goggles
  • 1x User Manual


As with all LASER devices, serious damage to unprotected eyes can occur.  Never point the LASER in or near the eyes.  Always wear the provided goggles when using this device to prevent eye injury.

This DIY spot erasure device is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. Always see your skin care professional first if you are unsure about the appearance of any old or new growth, dark spots, moles, or skin tags. Serious skin conditions should be properly diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. 

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